Friday, May 29, 2009

Failure To Initiate Change

I've been quite preoccupied these days hence the lack of postings. Sorry about that.

Anyway, it's now 3 days away from June! Also, it has passed the 100 days of our new Reverend in office. As usual in politics, normally they'd review your first 100 days like Obama's 100 days or Najib's 100 days. So, it's not surprising to have our own mini Rev's 100 days.

Certainly, from the rakyat (in our case, members) point of view, things seen to gone downhill after a minor boom in the beginning. The rate of decline is far greater than the mini boom that we had.

Could the Rev be blamed for such results? Sure the Rev has made some unpopular or politically correct decisions but hey, nobody is perfect. For example, getting the whole congregations to vote for Mandarin service time with only 50% votes required, bowing to the pressure from the congregations, etc

Let's examine why being a new Rev in CLMC is not the easiest thing to do.

- Postmodernism and years of cliques or gangs ideology has infested the CLMC people. People are often in groups of their likings and doesn't have love for others except superficial loves. So when decision making is required, you'll hear many different types of opinions. Worst of all, the opinions are mostly "I" centered. How many are there thinking about the church as a whole?

- Lack of counsel for Rev. According to the book of Proverbs, a good leader needs smart counsels too. So who is giving the right counsel to the Rev now? Are they long sighted, know what it takes to make the right but hard decisions, etc? Or are we witnessing more what power the positions can give to the individuals? Just look at politics around the world, how many leaders are there truly for the people but not their own gain and fame?

Having said that, the success of the church does not solely depends on the Rev. It also depends on the LCEC and other church leaders. (Yes, most important is God, I know but I'm talking in more "practical" sense now)

What are the LCEC doing? Heard of rumours of resignations and some even planned to leave the church once their term is over. At the beginning of the year, we have wonderful plans of doing this and that but as usual, till now, nothing has been done. All talk no actions. What kind of mentality is this? My advice for you is, buckle up or pack up!

What are the small group leaders doing? We heard about them saying studies are much more important and we can't commit more than what we already have. Fair enough, but the question is, why did you choose to commit when you knew you couldn't do it? Are you thinking leading a small group is just like leading a "big group" fellowship? Some said the small group has no directions but I can tell you there's only 1 direction: The Great Commission. All other things are just methods towards that direction.

So what's happening here? No leaders or LCEC attending prayer meetings now? What happens to the covenant you made when you pledged before being appointed as leaders?

Transition period is nearly over. It's time to step up or else we're going round in circles. Back to where we started.

Oh by the way, I was just browsing through my files to delete and I saw something I wrote back in Sept 08. Not sure if I sent out the letter though, forgot.

Inability to lead & manage the church properly

LCEC 2009 to be postponed or void
1. XXX has no burden for CLMC anymore
2. XXX has poor knowledge of church management
3. XXX has no vision or directions to lead the church
4. Nomination committee has only met once to select the nomination lists
5. No prayers were offered to seek God’s guidance in terms of selecting nomination lists
6. Criteria for nomination is not adhered fully
7. Motives & goals by the NC may not be right when nomination happens
8. Number of LCEC positions in 2009 has not been disclosed even to NC
9. 2008 LCEC has been a good example of poor selection by previous nomination committee. No direction, no improved results, inability to make right decisions at the right time, and church continue to go down in terms of quantity & quality.

Risks if not postponed:
1. 2009 LCEC will be directionless, ineffective and inefficient.
2. 2009 LCEC members will be selected “by men rather than God”
3. 2009 LCEC members will unable to be examples for the members
4. An added burden to whoever the Minister is for 2009
5. Created a false sense of identity for some of them
6. Further no-confidence towards the church leaderships
7. Another year will be wasted
8. More dissatisfaction towards the church
9. More members leaving the church
10. CLMC will just be another “typical” church that no one has burden in

Proposed solution:
1. Nominated name list be void or at least postpone until a new Minister arrive
2. Nomination committee should be chaired by the new Minister
3. LCEC be restructured for 2009

Anyway, all the 10 predictions have happened. Guess I'm the Postmodern Prophet #2?! LOL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sassy Mother In Law

KUALA LUMPUR: Every married person knows it, but a local study has confirmed it – mothers-in-law are the chief cause of divorces, especially in the Indian community.

It is also among the top three factors for divorce among the Malays and Chinese. The other two factors are incompatibility (42.3%) and infidelity (12%).

“Interference by in-laws is the main reason for Indians to divorce. It is the top-ranked reason at 30%,” said LPPKN director-general Datuk Aminah Abdul Rahman when presenting a paper on Malaysia’s family profile and its effects at Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia yesterday.

“Another overall reason which ranked high among the three races at 11.5% is ‘not being responsible’,” she said.

Although it is common perception that the family institution is quite fragile and divorces are rampant, data shows otherwise - only 0.7% of the population was divorced in 2000.

The data shows that divorce is more likely to happen to those under 25 and above 40. More

I guess people need to know their role and know when to speak or interfere.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Sports - Update

OK folks, people have voted. Though not many has voted, this is the concensus.

We'll continue with the Sunday sports session, continue our vision to allow our church members to be both spiritually and physically healthy! We'll only increase the fee to cover for the court usage though.

In terms of financial situation, we currently only have $65.75 spare cash in reserve. Every week, we have about 12-16 people coming to the sports now. The bad news is exam period is coming soon, we might get less people coming.

So, in the meantime, I think we'll just increase the fee to $4.00 per person. We'll adjust again after the exam period. We should be able to last until July. In times of recession, let's not burden our people too much too yeah...:D

If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to comment here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 36

No, this is not strategy 36 which says to win is to run and fight another day. This is PDL day 36, a reminder for us that we have a mission to accomplish. In fact, it's nearly Mission Impossible, to go into the whole world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

So remember, you're Tom Cruise now! We're in Mission Impossible: The Great Commission!

Anyway, thought I shared a sentence I read today:
One problem long-term Christians have is that they forget how hopeless if felt to be without Christ.
How true is that! We always rely on ourselves, our families, our friends, etc but we're hopeless without Christ. We need to wake up and be sensitive towards Christ's presence in our lives.

Do you feel it?

Do you have what it takes?

If not, be afraid, be very'll fail!

Good news is, it's not too late and please don't apply strategy #36 from Sun Zi Bing Fa.

This is a posting from our cell group blog.

一万 Hits!

Since I started to blog last year around 15/9/08, I have now reach my first 10,000 hits to my blog! Amazing ain't it?

I'm no superstars nor good blogger. So it's still a great feat for me to reach 10,000 hits in about 8 months~! So that's about 1200-1300 hits on average per month!

I'm just someone who uses blogs to complain and make heard what I think!

Very thankful for all you dear readers as I can see most of the visitors are returning visitors.

Hopefully, I'll be able to share more of my views & knowledge to you all and you guys can benefit from it!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Should We Continue Or Not?

The hundred dollar question for now is: Should we continue our sports activity on Sunday Morning weekly?

The situation is since we changed the Mandarin service time to 1.30pm, we're forced to push forward our sports to 9.15-11.15am now. Due to this change, the number of people going for sports have dropped considerably to only about 10-15 people weekly.

We're now collecting only $3.50pp weekly and this couldn't even cover the costs of the courts, not to mention any shuttlecocks. So most people have to BYO shuttlecocks now.

The court hire is $75 weekly for the large gym. So we're losing about $20-45weekly.

So I'm going to let you decide whether we should go on with the sports session.

Please vote on the left hand side.

Friday, May 15, 2009

He Who Stands For The Rights Of The People

For those who wants to listen in Mandarin. This is an interview to Wong Chin Huat. He was made famous by M'sian Government for arresting him for asking people to wear black T Shirt! LOL!!

Also an example of Postmodernism. :)

Legal Thugs in Malaysia

Can you tell the difference who is the good guys and who is the bad guys?!

The police looks more like the thugs here! LOL!

Even denying the rights of those arrested to see their lawyers, and worst of all the lawyers are also arrested!!

Malaysia boleh!!

1Malaysia lagi boleh!!

April 08 - April 09 Vacancy Rate

MELBOURNE Inner (0-4km) 1.3 1.2 0.9 0.3

Inner (4-10km) 1.3 1.8 1.7 1.6

Inner Total 1.3 1.5 1.3 0.9

Middle 1.3 1.4 1.7 1.0

Outer 1.8 1.1 0.8 1.1
1.4 1.4 1.0

It seems Melbourne vacancy rate has stabilised to around the slighly 1%+ for the last 12 months. However, this is still bad news for renters as it means only 1 in every 100 properties.

However, interesting to see the vacancy rate for the inner (0-4km) has increased every month. This is not so much the supply has increased but rather the high rents have been pushing people out of the inner city areas.

As we can see the "middle" has experienced lower vacancy rates every month. This is about 11-19Km. Somewhere like Doncaster, Box Hill, Altona Maedows, etc. I suspect these are the areas where people have moved to in order to save on rents. It's just a matter of time before the rental median prices here gets "pushed" by some greedy landlords. Sigh....

"Outer" suburbs is increasing with more new homes completed around the Western and Northern suburbs. However, it's about 20-40KM from the CBD. A bit far to travel though.

Melbourne needs to build more properties in the demand areas or improve other satelitte cities in VIC to cope with the growth and reduces the rental market pressure.

On a side note, the First Home Owner Grant has just been boosted for 3 months more from July 09 onwards.

Grant Bonus Boost Total
1 July - 30 September 2009 $ 7,000 $ 2,000 $ 7,000 $ 16,000
1 October - 31 December 2009 $ 7,000 $ 2,000 $ 3,500

$ 12,500

1 January - 30 June 2010 $ 7,000 $2,000 -

$ 9,000

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nizar The Legal MB

Perak created history in Malaysian politics lately by having 2 MBs, and 2 speakers. Today, the high court of M'sia ruled that Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is the rightful Perak Mentri Besar, and not Barisan Nasional’s Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir.

At least it shows our judicial system is not that badly tainted after all. There're still a few good men out there who can uphold the truth & the law.

Would be interesting to see what consipres next.

Nizar immediately left the courtroom immediately after a press conference to travel to Ipoh where he will seek an audience with the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, to get his consent to dissolve the Assembly and call for fresh state elections.
It seems we could have a statewide election soon. Can the Sultan of Perak make the right decision this time for the Rakyat (People)?

Most people wouldn't have second chance to make things right. This is definetely a valuable opportunity for the Sultan to get it right.

If the elections are called, people of Perak, make us proud!!!

Don't Do The Dash

If you're in the CBD this week, think twice before crossing the roads illegally. Police will be out there giving out fines.

Police will launch a four-day road safety blitz in Melbourne's CBD in a bid to reduce the alarming number of collisions involving cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Officers will issue on-the-spot fines to anyone caught breaking the road rules.

Pedestrians who cross the road against a red light will be fined while cyclists who fail to stop at red light will be penalised $227.

Senior Sergeant Shane Pettingill, from Melbourne's traffic management unit, said the CBD had the highest number of pedestrian and cyclist collisions in the state - 358 over the past year - with injuries rising at an alarming rate.

Two pedestrians have died and 66 were seriously injured in the past 12 months.

"This operation has been designed to target our most vulnerable road users," Senior Sergeant Pettingill said.

"Too many people think 'It won't happen to me' when they run across the road or ride their bike through a red light. More

Not only for this week for that matter. We, as Christians, should ALWAYS abide with the law.

Some common rules in VIC where most people don't even knew about:
  • Pedestrians must attempt to cross a road by the shortest and most direct route
  • Pedestrians must not move suddenly into the path of a vehicle which is so close as to constitute an immediate hazard
  • Pedestrians must not stand on a footway or carriageway in such a way as to inconvenience, obstruct, hinder or prevent the free passage of any other pedestrian or vehicle
  • Pedestrians must not cross a road within twenty metres of marked crossings.241

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spiritual Disciplines Reading

If you had the opportunity to read day 28, the last section talks about spiritual disciplines. Coincidentally, it's also something that we wanted to start on week 5.

However, most people don't know what're spiritual disciplines or at least quite blur to it.

Here's a recommended reading site for this information. It's in English but it's very easy to understand.

The Water's Edge

Below are some previews:

"Superficiality is the curse of our age…. The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people."
-Richard Foster, "Celebration of Discipline"

"The spiritual life is first of all a life.It is not merely something to be known and studied, it is to be lived."
-Thomas Merton, "Thoughts in Solitude"

"Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself."
--Leo Tolstoy

Once upon a time, a group of men from Chicago left their jobs in the high-rise office buildings, moved to the prairie, and bought some farmland.
"We're farmers!" They all declared to each other. And all summer long they would go to the field to watch their crop grow up. However, when September rolled in, their fields were filled with goldenrod and all kinds of wildflowers and weeds.

"Where's the corn?" they asked each other. And they wondered what they could have possibly done wrong.

Growing up in the church, I have often noted the fact that so few "long-time church members" experience the significant life-change expected from many years as students of Jesus. Like those city boys, they purchase the land, but do nothing to cultivate a field in which growth could take place.

Why do so many of us feel like we just have not grown very much in the likeness of our Master? Are we just spiritually "thick-headed?" Are we just not "built" to be spiritual giants? Or have we simply not been taught what it means to be a student of Jesus?

A Rape Case: Part II

Evidence shown on video!

In the end, you'll see the "illegal" BN speaker raises hand as if he won the WWE heavyweight champion! My foot!!!

Police also breaking the rules. Confirmed the status of legal gangsters in Malaysia. Should be PRDM (Polis Raja Di Malaysia), not PDRM (Polis di Raja Malaysia).


Philosophy Politics Economics: Shakespearean Play in Progress III

Philosophy Politics Economics: Shakespearean Play in Progress III

A Rape Case

Glanced through the papers daily and you'll read cases where helpless women are raped daily. If you read the papers today, you'll read about the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) State Government was raped yesterday by their Barisan Nasional (BN) counterparts.

It's a very shameful historic day in Malaysian history! The Assembly looks more like circus or WWE wrestling match!

BN is just being a bully with all other neutral parties basically siding them like the Police, courts, civil servants, etc. PR on the other hand is being bullied right into the corner! Nobody dared to be on their side fearing that BN would oppress them next time.

What a sick day for Malaysia! So much for 1Malaysia....Najib, your actions contradicts what you preached!

What's the punishment for rape? To be honest, don't know? Rotan?

But in a democratic country, the punishment will be handed down by the PEOPLE, not your corrupt courts! Next general election, vote BN out!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

PDRM In Full Force

Another Malaysia Boleh day today on 7/5/09. The Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM) are out in full force to prevent the PR supporters to create "trouble" in the country.

It all started with crossovers of a few politicians in Perak that causes the PR state government to crumble though not officially dissolved or voted with no confidence yet. However, the new BN Government seems to be playing foul and of course with the help of the Sultanate of Perak claimed their territory on Perak. So, basically Perak has 2 Menteri Besar (MB) now.

The court case is still in progress to determine who is the legitimate MB of Perak.

However, the "new" BN government called for an assembly today to try to remove the speaker and elect a new speaker of their own, which of course caused the protests of the PR and the people.

The PDRM, which should be neutral of course didn't act so neutral as that's their true colour. Early in the mornings, they have started their job. So EFFICIENT! I don't think any terrorists could be in Perak today! :P
6:45am Police seize more than 200 t-shirts with the words “One Black Malaysia” printed on them from a stall next to the Kampung Manjoi Baru surau.
If you haven't been to the Forbidden City, Perak is just like the Forbidden City now. You can't go near 500m of the assembly hall or risks being arrested.

Police yesterday set up roadblocks at the Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab-Jalan St John junction and near the Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman flyover.

They had obtained a court order to prevent illegal gatherings around the state secretariat and traffic police were on hand to divert traffic around the government sector in Ipoh.

The roads will be re-opened in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, police have started arrests, and at least five unidentified protesters have been detained.

But then, poor Wong was not released as planned
However, the police filed a second application yesterday evening to extend the remand, saying they needed more time for the investigation. Their request was granted by Magistrate Nazran Mohd Sham.

By the way, would the PDRM's watchdog been looking over the blogging world to look for "troublemakers"?

For instant update, go to The Star

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stupidity At Its' Best

Source: The Age
Date: 6/5/09

LOCAL government officials in China have been ordered to smoke nearly a quarter of a million packets of cigarettes to boost the local economy during the global financial crisis.

The edict, issued by officials in Hubei Province, in central China, threatens to fine officials who "fail to meet their targets" or are caught smoking rival brands manufactured in neighbouring provinces.

Even local schools have been given a smoking quota for teachers, while one village was ordered to buy 400 cartons of cigarettes a year for its officials.

The edict, which flies in the face of national anti-smoking policies from Beijing, is aimed at increasing tax revenue.

In total, officials have been ordered to puff their way through 230,000 packs of Hubei-branded cigarettes worth about $812,000.

However the order was reported to have been rescinded yesterday. A notice on the Gongan government web site said the rule was introduced in March in an effort to crack down on fake cigarettes and illegal cigarette smuggling in the area, which is causing the government to lose revenue, but said it decided to scrap the edict since the article appeared. It did not elaborate.

Tobacco sales, the biggest source of government revenue, brought in $A82.4 billion in the first 11 months of 2008, up 18 per cent from 2007, according to the Communist Party's People's Daily newspaper. About 2000 people a day die from smoking-related illnesses.


I've heard about Govt asking people to stop smoking but to force people to smoke and has a quota to fulfill, I think this is bloody ridiculous!

Sure the economy is bad, but surely there're better ways to get income for the Government?!

Maybe the over populated country wanted more to die so they have less people to take care of.

Smart! That's when people's life are not considered as worth it or meaningful! I guess that's what you get from a country that generally do not believe in God.

So much for education to build a nation.....

Black Day

If you're in Malaysia on 7/5/09, make sure you don't wear all black. If you do, you risk getting arrested!!

Wong Chin Huat was arrested under the Sediction Act for launching the 1BlackMalaysia campaign.

What's this 1BlackMalaysia Campaign, you might ask?
We the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (BERSIH) call upon all Malaysians to wear black to work, to school, in play or at home the coming May 7th (Thursday) to present “1BLACKMalaysia” to Prime Minister Najib Razak as our strongest protest to the on-going Perak coup he has orchestrated. More
Clearly, an abuse of power.

Is wearing black a threat to national security? A threat to unity? Or it's more likely a threat to Najib's credibility? Black colour is one of the most common colour apart from white in terms of clothing. Now, since black is "banned" on 7/5/09, maybe all of us should wear pink?!

So Malaysians, beware on 7/5/09. If you're afraid, don't wear black! Maybe black underpants will do. :P

Otherwise, be brave and show your protest!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RBA holds at 3%

Title says it all. RBA has seen stabilisation in other countries particularly China as one of the reasons why no further cuts are given.

However, the results are a very much predicted one. In the Forex, Aud/Usd continues to trade around 0.74, which is pretty good. Aud/RM is about RM2.61.

Hopefully it'll only go higher and reaches 0.80 or even 0.90 around August, that's when I go travelling. He He!

Now awaiting 3pm VIC budget, not expecting too much surprises either. The federal budget would be more interesting and challenging to look at.

Red "Banana"

Source: The Star

Date: 5/5/09

A SECRETARY accidentally bit off the penis of her employer while giving him oral sex in a car.

Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported yesterday that while the 30-year-old woman was performing oral sex on the man, the car was hit by a reversing van.

The impact of the crash, China Press reported, caused the woman to bite off her lover’s organ.

The daily reported that the incident occurred in a Singapore park where the couple met after work.

To make matters worse for the woman, her husband had sent a private investigator to spy on her after suspecting that she was being unfaithful.

The investigator said he had followed the woman and her boss to the park.

“On reaching the park, they did not alight from the car. Not long after, the car started to shake violently.

After the car was hit by the van, there was a loud scream from the woman whose mouth was covered with blood,” he said.

The woman later followed her lover to the hospital with part of the sexual organ.

The investigator, who called an ambulance to send the man to hospital, said that this was the first time he had encountered such an incident.


Really funny!!

People these days are really terrible! Few days ago, a report on husband hitting the boyfriend of a wife but actually it's her sex client!!


Top Advisors In M'sia

Dr M was made the advisor for Petronas when he retired as the PM of Malaysia. Today, we saw Pak Lah being appointed as the advisor for Malaysia Airlines. Normally, the ex-PM would automatically go into Petronas as it was the nation's oil production company, also means lots of $$$$.

However, one mountain cannot have 2 tigers, though Pak Lah would be regarded more as a cat compared to Dr M. So the Najib administration decides to give MAS to Pak Lah. Still OK lah, nation's national airline, which won few awards :P

We all know Dr M has a lot more economic knowledges and experiences when compared to Pak Lah, so he being stationed in Petronas is not a problem for most people. But for an ex-PM that was "forced" to give away the prestigous portfolio as the finance minister not to long ago to handle the defense ministry, how would someone be expected to accept this absurd appoinment?

MAS just recently tried so hard to bring the balance into their books, introducing their own stimulus package, etc. Now with Pak Lah in, let's just hope the staffs won't follow suit to his sleeping trend!

Maybe it's a good news for all other competing airlines worldwide. -_-

Monday, May 4, 2009

Traditions VS Discipline

Last weekend we were bombarded with information from special talks held in both CLMC & CMC. The talks were about "Small Groups in the Methodist context" and "Structures & Disciplines of the Methodist Organisation" <-- Roughly like that!

Finally, CMCA has invited an expert in this field to come and clear the confusions within the Discipline context that has over the years created problems and dissensions in the CMCA. Basically, I'd say nearly all the top leaders of CMCA are completely gobsmacked at what they heard.

A lot of things they thought was the "true & right" discipline was in actual fact, a tradition. Another example was of the small group, where no one knew they existed previously until in 2007/8 where we proposed the additions unto our Discipline. If that didn't happen, I really don't know how the talk last weekend could go on as the core foundation of the talk relied on small groups.

A good lesson for everyone of us, if you doubt the discipline, don't just accept it blindly. Look for it in writing word for word and not relying on "I/We think it's....". Don't even get the personal interpretation fool you!

The Discipline itself is a guideline for the organisation to act in an orderly manner, not as a barrier or stumbling block, not as a control mechanism for power greed individual or used as an absolute truth where no one can challenge it.

Now that we know how flexible and how to utilise the Discipline in a proper manner, it can only be good news for CLMC in the days ahead.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Melbourne's Rapid Growth

Another hotly debated topic recently in VIC is about building high density housing nearby to tram and bus routes. The main reason for such proposal is due to the unexpected influx of migrants coming to Melbourne.

We're expecting another 4-5million people coming to Melbourne by 2030! Current population is about 4million. So, we're growing quite rapidly hence the proposal doesn't come unexpectedly too. However, it's funny to see Victorians always seems reject any new ideas!

Some of the reasons: high density creates more social problems, blocking their views, infrastructures problems, etc.

They're not totally wrong either. However, can they come up with better solutions to cope with the growth? At present time, Melbourne is struggling with 4mil people on its' land. Basically, nearly all performance indices have dropped.

High density is definitely the way to go to cope with such growth. Having said that, there're a lot of implications and requirements as well.

Have you ever played Sim City? Since I'm not an urban planner, the best way for me to know is play Sim City :P

In that game, you can see all the problems in high density housing if other infrastructures can't cope with it. I faced with unemployment problems (Sims do not like travelling much!), overcrowded buses and trains, heavy congestions on highways, and massive resources (water & electricity) usage. However, without the high density housing, the city can't cope with the increasing populations. If more migrants can't come it, the economy will stall, city becomes less desirable, etc.

So the moral of the story is to build infrastructures to support the high density housing as well. It's so important yet always neglected or categorized as 2nd or 3rd level priority only.

If you can fit an extra 4-5 mil people but you can hardly move them, that'll be a major problem.

If you can fit an extra 4-5 mil people but they can't earn a living, that'll be a major problem.

If you can fit an extra 4-5 mil people but you can't fulfill their needs, that'll be a major problem.

Another alternative is to develop other existing satellite cities in Melbourne like Geelong , Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Mildura, Warrnambool and the Latrobe Valley. They seriously lack too far behind from Melbourne.