Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sabtu Yang Hitam

Sudah 7 jam berlepas tetapi saya tidak tahu apakah yang sedang saya buat di sini? Sepatutnya sibuk sangat kerana masa ini ialah "peak time".

Tetapi saya duduk di depan komputer memandang monitor, membaca laman web dan juga blog. Di rumah bukankah lebih selesa, kenapa saya masih di sini macam orang yang telah makan tak ada kerja lain untuk buat!

Sekarang keadaan saya bagaikan zaman manusia yang masih ada hamba. Bekerja tanpa gaji! Kejamnya saya punya atasan.

Semua orang ingat bahawa Sabtu lepas ialah sabtu hitam kerana api yang menghaguskan rimba rimba di Victoria. Hari ini ialah Sabtu yang gelap bagi saya.

Cepatlah pukul 5.30pm! Saya mahu balik ke rumah!!

p/s: Lama tak gunakan BM, sudah berkarat! Haha!

Quiet Times

Some always wondered why I like to join our church members going to dinner every Sunday nights or sometimes Saturday nights. It's not that I enjoy talking rubbish (fei hua), guessing defying IQ questions, practising cold jokes, etc. Why on earth would Shawn still always be present among them?

The answer is simple: company.

Sometimes it's not about the contents of the conversation, it's about the company.

How many times have we been in "quiet time" with God but we just keeps talking and hardly be still to feel God's presence? Have we redefine quiet time as praying only time?

God says "Be still, and know that I am God".

Let's all learn to be still in front of the Lord and let God restores our souls. We badly needed it.

This is the key to get us going in tough times.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Beginning

This Saturday, 28/2/09 marks the beginning of a new era in CLMC.

The small groups also start this Saturday in the fellowship hall.

Everyone is welcomed to attend, whether you're new or old. This will be an environment where you'll not feel threaten to get to know new friends.

Date: 28/2/09
Time: 7.30 - 9.30pm
Location: Level 1, 717 Flinders Street, Docklands

Things to expect:
1. Opportunity to meet new friends, mostly international students
2. Opportunity to learn more about fellowship lifestyle in Melbourne
3. Plenty of time to share and listen to others

Please be there earlier as parking might be an issue due to footy in Telstra Dome.

See you all on Saturday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Melbourne Welcomes International Students

Attention all International students in Melbourne!

Source: Melbourne City Council

The City of Melbourne Welcome to International Students 2009

The City of Melbourne Welcome to International Students is a FREE event at Federation Square on Sunday, 1 March 2009.

Highlights include live performances by contemporary African dance band Musiki Manjaro, Brazilian dance performers Katumba, and bhangra DJ Rhythm and Spice.

Come along and enjoy a host of entertainment including roving performers, a live crocodile feeding and the launch of Essendon Football Club’s International Students Program. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle will also be there to personally welcome international students to Melbourne.

This is a special event that recognises and celebrates international students’ presence and contribution to the social and cultural life of our city. Join us on the day and meet other local and international students, be photographed as part of a gigantic human map of Australia and enjoy what promises to be a fun-filled afternoon!

Sunday, 1 March 2009
1pm to 4pm
Federation Square
Corner Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne
Melway reference – Page 1B, Ref P11, Map 593

For more information contact:

Gary Lee
International Student & Youth Project Officer
City of Melbourne
Community and Culture
Families Children & Youth
Phone: (03) 9658 9092

International Students Booklet 2009 <-- Highly recommended

Sunday, February 22, 2009

22/2/09 Sports Update

First sport session in 2009 Report

Attendance: 20
Sports played: Mainly badminton, a few shoot around basketball and mini-volleyball

Thanks to our brothers & sisters from the English side for their participation as without them, we would be seriously lack of people today. I think they made up about 3/4 of the attendance.

We played 4 courts of badminton today, which is not bad. After an hour, most people played mini volleyball as it's something "fresh".

The court hire fees has gone up considerably to $75 for 2 hours compared to previously $60 for 2 hours. So in a sense, we're losing money for today. Hopefully our numbers will pick up and we can break even or even have some savings in case of rainy days.

Anyway, hope to see more people coming for sports! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Retrenchments & Redundancy

Workers around the world has been suffering from pre-, present and post- retrenchment stress. No longer just a small portion of workers affected but the numbers affected exceeds millions worldwide.

Speaking about retrenchments, redundancy is also a word that do not distant itself from retrenchments.

Retrenchment is more like cutting costs/something because they have no other options.

Redundancy is more like excessive or something extra thus not needed.

It's amazing how Christians have made themselves redundant these days in the world. Gone are the days where Christians are needed to run schools, hospitals and care centres. What are the significance of Christians in the world today?

I believe a lot of Christians worldwide do not know that they're redundant or do not care if they're redundant. The impact of redundant Christians has greater adverse effects on the society. Governments and professional organisations are taking over what used to be Christianity's cup of tea.

However, governments are starting to struggle to keep up with the social concerns demands. The hard works of a volunteer is always much greater than a full time professionals whose aim is more financially motivated.

Governments around the world are spending billions and billions of dollars to help those who are retrenched or those sectors affected by recession. What about us? How much effort are we willing to put in? What can Christian leaders do to help make Christians become irredundant? What can churches do to help rectify the damages it has created?

One thing is for sure, we need to keep equipping ourselves to keep abreast if not, ahead with the world's need.

When should we start? NOW.....

CLMC has a big challenge ahead with new pastor & theological students. With so many things ahead, it's very important to focus on the important things first then going forward step by step.

Again, everything is good but not everything is right or beneficial at the moment. We need wisdom to determine which is our top priorities.

Will we be really be the beacon of light to the City of Melbourne or will we further make ourselves redundant in this ever growing Melbourne City?

International Students Treatment

Source: Melbourne City Council
Dated: 16/2/09

Melbourne is taking an enthusiastic new approach to welcome international students this week, by arming them with essential information on arrival at Melbourne Airport.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle today launched an official Student Welcome Desk at the airport as part of a pilot scheme designed to enhance the arrival experience of international students coming to live and study in Victoria.

Lord Mayor Doyle said students arriving from all over the globe would be greeted by friendly volunteers and provided with comprehensive information packs.

“We are responding to the needs of the growing international student population and striving to educate, support and inspire them from the moment they arrive in our city,” the Lord Mayor said.

The welcome desk will operate from 6am – 11pm daily during the peak overseas student arrival period from16-20 February.

“We anticipate that more than 20,000 international students will be greeted and provided with welcome packs over the next five days,” the Lord Mayor said.

“These packs provide essential information about welfare services, transport guides, housing and employment options and social integration.”

In the 12 months to September 2008, the total number of enrolments increased by 21%, with more than 148,000 students from abroad enrolling for universities in Victoria.

The pilot program was initiated as part of the Connect-Ed initiative, developed in partnership with the Committee for Melbourne’s business leadership program, Future Focus Group, to improve the quality of experience for international students, particularly upon arrival and in their first few days.

Future Focus Group’s Connect-Ed member, Mr Craig Harris says through this approach we are not only able to provide valuable orientation information to students, but also achieve collaboration across government, the universities and various support groups.

“In doing so, this becomes a signature event that promotes Melbourne’s reputation as a University City and destination of choice for international students,” Mr Harris said.

“We hope this initiative will result in an improved orientation experience to international students on an ongoing basis. We will also seek to gather a database of international student contact details for ongoing communication and the provision of follow-up information, services and support,” he said.

Sponsoring the welcome desk, with a combined contribution of more than $70,000 the initiative is jointly funded by the City of Melbourne, Committee for Melbourne, Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Melbourne Airport, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Tourism Victoria and each of the eight major universities.

Chris Woodruff, CEO Melbourne Airport said Melbourne’s reputation as a Global University City contributed to its position in the aviation sector.

“Victoria is better placed than most in the aviation sector with its strong tourism and business travel led by a comprehensive major events calendar. Melbourne’s position as a Global University City, its strong convention market enhanced by the opening of the new Melbourne Convention Centre, and excellent frequency of air services being offered by our six domestic and 22 international airlines is what makes it a aviation leader,” Mr Woodruff said.

The welcome packs were developed by Melbourne’s Office of Knowledge Capital, a jointly funded collaboration between the City of Melbourne, Committee for Melbourne and each of the eight major universities; Australian Catholic University, Deakin University, La Trobe University, Monash University, RMIT University, Swinburne University, The University of Melbourne and Victoria University.

For more information visit Office of Knowledge Capital.

The City of Melbourne will host its annual Welcome to International Students event on Sunday, 1 March 2009, from 1pm to 4pm at Federation Square. For more information visit International students or call the City of Melbourne on (03) 9658 9658.


Sometimes I wonder what's the purpose of the 5 days special "treatment"? Most first timer international students comes into Australia around the last week of Jan to 2nd week of Feb. Mid Feb to March is when most 2nd year and older students come back as they don't have orientations to attend to.

Not sure how will this benefit the majority or minority of the international students?

They should run this for at least 1 month from late Jan to late Feb.

Nonetheless, good effort as a pilot run. Hoping to see more to come soon!

Oh, and how about concession travel for International Students for a change? :P

Friday, February 20, 2009


Source: The Age
Dated: 20/02/09

THE Country Fire Authority has been accused of blocking city firefighters from helping fight Victoria's horrific fires.

Leaked emails accuse the CFA of blocking Metropolitan Fire Brigade management and CFA professional firefighters, and incompetently handling the fires.

The United Firefighters Union will tell the royal commission on the fires that the CFA panicked and was ill-prepared, despite knowing conditions would be the worst in Victoria's history.

The taxpayer-funded firefighters, who are better trained than volunteers, say up to 1200 of them have sat around during, and since, the blazes of February 7 — while overseas and interstate crews have been flown in to help.

The CFA and MFB deny the claims and say the firefighters and equipment were used "appropriately".

The union claims CFA managers, or incident controllers, blocked MFB crews from fighting fires in at least two areas.

Union secretary Peter Marshall claimed one incident controller told an MFB crew: "Over my dead body are we going to use you."

"The MFB commander went back and briefed the troops and said, 'This is the attitude, they don't want to use us'," he said.

At another location, an MFB taskforce was not deployed by the CFA incident controller "because of parochial issues".

"When they actually got in there the CFA said: 'Where have you been? … we've been waiting for you for ages, we needed you'.

"This is dynamite. It's hard to say it cost lives, but resources that have been paid for by the community in the form of fire appliances and personnel sat idle while people lost their houses and indeed their life."

The union has been swamped with emails from members frustrated at not being sent to fight the fires. One says: "I look at the news footage and see volunteers dead on their feet … we are sitting on our arses."

A paid CFA firefighter said he was one of about six professionals who sat doing nothing at a station in Melbourne's outer north when the fire started.

"We listened to the events, including guys getting burnt out, but we were not deployed," he said. "We contacted the duty officers and said: 'We are here.' I don't think they knew.

"There are 200 (CFA) career firefighters who are disgusted about it but too fearful to put pen to paper or stand in front of a camera over it because of their careers," he said.

Another firefighter from near Geelong said professional firefighters were prevented from joining the fight.

He said CFA management wrongly thought that no professional firefighters were available.

Parochialism and politics are the worst problems, the firefighters say, with CFA managers viewing the MFB as rivals for funds, bolstering arguments for merging the two.

Some CFA volunteers also do not want outsiders fighting fires on their turf.

CFA chief officer Russell Rees said all firefighters had been used appropriately during the emergency. "There's no question the MFB were used appropriately and are still being used in specialised areas such as victim identification," he said.

MFB spokesman Simon Breer said the brigade had provided up to 1000 personnel. He said he did not believe there was a problem with its involvement.



When the bush fires caused so much damages and lives, I knew something was not right. It was all over the news that it's going to be the worst fire heat ever, which also means worst risk of bush fires ever.

With common sense, we would be deploying nearly 95% of all our available resources to tackle the issues to minimise the impact.

I suspected that this time, they're ill-prepared and underestimated the bushfires. Guess this article proves that I'm not wrong after all

Pride & politics, the divider of mankind. How pathetic!

Just because of funding and power, more than 200 lives have gone from this earth, billions of money lost.

Who are they going to blame next? God seems the more likely. Even though it was human at fault.

God have mercy upon us!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday Sports Session

Good news for all the CLMC sports addicts!

The regular sports session will be running again on the 22nd Feb 09 at Collingwood College from 10am to 12 noon. *Correction made on 20/2/09 edit*
Session fees will remain same for now, $3.50 per person

Sports include badminton, basketball and indoor soccer*.

*subject to number of players present

Anyone are free to join us, there're no membership fees or anything. MiCasa8 tenants are most welcomed to join as well!

How to get there:

Public transport

1. Hoddle St buses from St Kilda to Northcote stop on the eastern side of the College.

2. Johnston St. buses link Bulleen, Kew, Carlton and the City.

3. The Hurstbridge and Epping train lines stop at Collingwood Station. There is a school crossing on Hoddle Street and an overpass for students to walk safely to the school.

4. The College is just a short walk from Smith St with trams from Bundoora to the City.

5. Doncaster bus services are available from Gipps St.

6. Trams running along Victoria Pde, East Melbourne are only a short walk away.

7. Contact me if you need a ride, no guarantee of an available seats though! :P

See Metlink for bus, train and tram information eg. timetables, fares and route planning. See also Connex trip planner, network & maps and Yarra Trams for further information.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is It Really Free?

Was just discussing some topics tonight and this phrase came out of my mind, not claiming any credit for it :P
Nothing comes free or cheap, it's at the costs of others
We, as typical Asians, are bargain hunters. We like to see the word "Mega Sales", "Closing down sales", and best of all "FREE"! Our eyes will hardly notice words like "Charity", "Donations" and not to mention "volunteer work".
But how many times do we ever think of how others are affected by the free or cheaper things? Do we ever care or know the consequences of others?

Imagine these few scenarios:
1. For fundraising purposes, they offer free BBQ hot dogs. Most Asians would just go for the hot dogs and ignore other stuffs for donations!
2. Shop has very few customers though we like the stuffs inside. We just wouldn't buy it. We wait for the "Closing down" sales to take advantage of the cheaper price.

The organiser or owner are bearing all the costs of the "free" or "discounted" items. They're either cutting profit or making a loss. So, in a way, I pity them.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging your to buy expensive items and feel good about it. There're unscrupulous businessmen out there trying to con consumers by baiting high retail prices.

It's totally up to your own judgement to see whether those things are worth the price or not. If it's worth the price, buy it and support them. Don't keep bargaining for the price. Be smart in making decisions.

Think about it, they need to make a living too. Don't squeeze the life out of them.

Deakin Students Find It Hard

Read on the local newspaper in Box Hil today about how Deakin University students are finding it hard to get accommodations around their campus.

This kinda took me by surprise as I read it. Sure, we have read about homeless students around the City that got evicted by Melb Uni not too long ago, and how students are cramping themselves into a house or even a room.

As far as I know, our office in Hawthorn has plenty of new properties available in the Burwood areas. Just a rough search on SHA's website shows a total of 73 apartments available from the Hawthorn office.

73 is not a lot but it's also not too little. However, I don't think the number of homeless students are even more than 5? If I'm not mistaken, the properties are going slowly there, not as fast as the City's properties.

A lot of time it's the students expectation of what to pay for the rent. A lot of them are still expecting $100 or $150pw for an accommodation. For house sharing, sure you can get that however for your own fully furnished self contained apartments, you'll be looking above the $200pw mark in that area. You get what you pay for, basically.

Education agents or information given by the Universities also play an important in educating or preparing the students' expectation of living costs in Melbourne.

On a side note, today a girl complained against me claiming I give her bad service. Well, here's the story in short form:
  1. She sent in application but incomplete (missing a passport copy)

  2. I sent her an email requesting for a copy to be sent to me ASAP.

  3. It took her a few days before she finally scanned a copy to me.

  4. Great, but all apartments have been leased as I've a lot more complete applications waiting to be processed.

  5. Told her the bad news, she claimed I'm doing a crap job for not holding an apartment for her.

  6. Someone cancelled her application, informed her of an availability of an apartment on the first floor (not ground). It's a bigger size apartment at the same rent she's asking for.

  7. She didn't want to accept and demanded I give her something on level 11 or 12.

  8. Told her, I have nothing else and I'm giving her priority for the one in level 1. She rejected and claimed I've done a lousy service for her. Wrote bad things, etc
Now, please be a judge of that, is that a bad service???

I've repeatedly told people through my blog, in office, in person, through my colleagues to put in complete applications. No one in SHA will process any incomplete applications.

However, people seems to think they're the VIP. They can do whatever they like and we are to follow or suit their preference. The "customer is always right" mentality. I really hate that 3rd world country mentality.

Well, luckily she didn't accept my offer and don't even think for a single second she'll be moving into MiCasa8. Phewwww~~~!!!!

The good news is, one of my tenant just said I'm the best agent she ever met! LOL!

Gotta admit my service is not at my best right now due to the number of people I've to go through daily. That statement just came at the right time to encourage me to give better services to every students. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Was driving to work today, saw something very cute! A cyclist carrying a LARGE dog!

Too bad I didn't have my SLR and my telephoto lens to zoom clearer. Can only blame Canon for so SLOW in sending me the redemption Canon bag!

I sent in the request on 5/1/09 and have not received anything up to now! Only received an email about 15/1/09 saying they confirmed to receive my receipts.


Anyway, just reward myself with a new Sigma 10-22mm lens! Costs me $716.67 but it's still a pretty good bargain! Ebay is selling it 2nd hand around $675.00 starting bid + $25 delivery. Rather pay $17 extra for brand new with warranty.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Uni Students -> Glory Days?

Most people would regard their University days as their glory days or golden era, where their self confidence are on record high (For most!). Subsequently for some, this would degenerate like any great empire would after a period of time. Though, some great ones would be even better than before.

As they gone from Uni life to working life, they soon realised things aren't as simple or easy as it seems. When they thought they knew half the text book, they actually knew less than 1/10th.

However, these days I'm doubting their glory days would be in their Uni days. Students these days don't know much at all. Topics ranging from general knowledge to basic medical information, public transport to cars, and A-Z.

What I found out recently from my apartment, MiCasa8 is that University students do not even know how to use an intercom! I would say 7/10 students complained that the intercom is faulty, which of course made me think it was really faulty.

Never had I have so many people complaining about something in common has broken down, not even for hot water systems!

In the end, I found out that students do not know how to use an intercom! What they did was, they just press the unit number but didn't press the "key" button. Alamak! Ini bukanlah susah sangat! Aiyo yo! (Gosh, this isn't rocket science!).

Initially, I thought OK, maybe no clear instructions given so that's why they all made silly mistakes. Today, I went to have a look at the intercom system and guess what....

Instruction is as clear as it could be....If this is when students are at their best, I would be really worried about tomorrow's leader.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Surprised? Not Really!

Another classic Boleh-land example

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia scored a dismal 35 out of 100 points in the Open Budget Index (OBI) 2008 and is ranked 53rd out of 85 countries, prompting Centre for Public Policy Studies chairman Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam to declare he was “surprised and embarrassed.”

Malaysia is now listed under the “minimal information” category on Budget information provided by the Government, behind countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

“I am surprised and embarassed to know that our Budget is not as transparent as it should be,” Navaratnam said.

According to the report, the minimal information provided by the Malaysian Government makes it quite difficult for citizens to hold government accountable for its management of the public’s money. Sources here

If you had asked anyone in Malaysia on how transparent is the Government or the budget of the Malaysian Government, I can tell you the answer is a clear cut: Not at all.

To be honest, I'm suprised by Mr Navaratnam's surprised of how Malaysia fared in the OBI. I mean, come on, he's after the chairman of what what studies.

How can it be? Could this be another example of previously dwelling in denials? Thinking Malaysia Boleh and our country is like a developed country's mentality? Now, whose on our levels? Countries we used to look down to.

Imagine one day, Malaysia are classified as one of "them". Oh no, I think I need to get an OZ citizenship if that day comes.

Wake up and smell the roses, Malaysians! Get rid of corruptions! Get rid of racism!

On a side note, any organisations and especially non profit ones should make their budget transparent as well to be accountable to their members or supporters.

After all, what are you scared of? What are you trying to hide? If you're doing the right thing, there're nothing to cover up. Unless of course, you're afraid to let others see how the money are spent?

Hear The Voices

Just when BN is starting to feel warm on their seats, a few lawsuits maybe around the corner. However, I don't think they're worried about that as the judiciary system in Malaysia isn't exactly the most competent or fair.

Nonetheless, their greatest fear would be the "people". What are the people thinking right now regarding what has happened recently in Perak?

A survey of registered voters in Perak on Feb 8 showed that:

• 74 per cent of the respondents feel that the state assembly should have been dissolved after the defection of the three Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers

• 76 per cent of the respondents felt that the "people, through elections, should decide on who forms the government"

• 62 per cent of the respondents felt that the "role of the palace in this decision" means it does not recognise the will of the people

• 66 per cent of the respondents do not accept state governments formed through the defection of state assemblymen

• 59 per cent of the respondents feel that the political crisis in Perak would decrease support for Barisan Nasional.

Not very encouraging. The results could be worse if the survey is held longer.

Good news for BN is, there'll be no elections for another few years! So they're hoping everyone will forget this incident within these few years.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MiCasa8 Preview II

Few months have gone by. The building is STILL not 100% completed yet. Oh well, what can you expect from a new building!

Defects list has gone skyrocket as well. Thankfully students are pretty patient about it. :)

Here're some photos from an apartment on level 8.

Views from level 8

P/s: This is not taken from my SLR camera, just the office digital camera :P

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RPK Agrees Plus More

Another headline in Malaysia's politic today, the controversial Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) has not only called on the resignations of Anwar Ibrahim, but also Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

Some quarters are doubting this comment will even come out of RPK himself, some claiming The Star might be twisting the words here. Let's wait for confirmation from his blog.

RPK was such a huge supporter for the oppositions in the previous General Elections and one cannot deny his hard work in getting the voters to vote for the oppositions last year.

For such a remark to be coming out from him since ironic! However, there're some truths to it.
I'm starting to see Kit Siang being too opportunistic at times or should I say behaved not-as-straight as hoped. With the recent case in Perak, his reaction to it is.....unbelievable.

I strongly think Pakatan Rakyat should listen to Karpal & RPK (true or not).

Stop being a hypocrite in allowing defections whether in or out of PR. No defections means no defections. As Anwar claimed, defections without getting bought, I also strongly disagrees.

Anyone who wish to defect must quit or resign from whatever posts he/she has. Only that way, they can prove their worthiness of a crossover. Let the PEOPLE decide on who the leader should be.

Should those 3 leaders resign? I think not the time yet but they MUST repent and go back on the right path!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Karpal, The Lone Fighter?

Just saw on the news today that Karpal just laid the smack down on Anwar Ibrahim asking him to step down as Pakatan Rakyat leader! Well, not something unexpected as BN are capitalising on Anwar's mistake in the call for defections for 916... oh, failed!

Though he's disabled now due to assassination attempt in 2005, his mouth certainly is still up to his title as the Tiger of Jelutong! Sometimes his remarks are so direct, often it creates tension and confusions for those who heard it.

Not saying he's wrong in asking Anwar to step down because Anwar truly has a lot of responsibilities for all that has happened. Anwar doesn't seems repented too!

Some top leaders in DAP are showing inconsistent stands over the defections issues as well. Initially, they didn't say much about it when Anwar was boasting great exodus, now they're complaining like mad about what has happened.

Will Karpal as the chairman of DAP be able to steer DAP into the right path again? Stand firm and consistent in their stand? Or will DAP fall into the trap of greed for power?

With last General Election's result came unexpectedly good, some must have felt sayang (pity) that oppositions didn't topple the government. However, as what they have been preached ages ago as well as recently, they should only topple the Government with the support of the people, not by crossovers.

Patience is an important virtue, however it seems that opportunists seem to always forgotten about it. Most politicians are opportunist including myself, I believe am an opportunist too (not in unethical ways though :P).

However, with Karpal's recent remarks on the Sultan subject to the process of the law and capable of being sued, he certainly doesn't gain more popularity from other organisations. Some quarters have suggested that Karpal get ISA for what he has spoken.

For one, it's bloody ridiculous to simply ISA anyone based just because they're emotionally uncontrollable! If this is a threat to national security, please ISA the whole nation as I believe EVERYONE, even for once in our lives, have criticised our leaders as a piece of shit! Oh wait, does that mean calling them a piece of shit in toilets are OK, as long as not in public?

Secondly, how much longer do we need to learn that supremacy of the King are not what it is used to be now that we're in a democratic country (though I doubt Malaysia is truly a democratic country by practise). Sure, the Kings of those states earn respect and are labelled as "royal families". That doesn't mean they're immune or above the law.

Ever heard of 天子犯法与庶民同罪 ? If the "Royal Families" are immune to the law, the country will be a chaotic place because they'll have no respect to it.

Karpal will not be the favorite for all but we certainly need his boldness in these times of uncertainty. Will the Lim father & son support him on this cause?

Raging Anger, But For How Long?

People in Perak or even Malaysia are furious at what seems to be an unconstitutional power grab by BN.

Power to the people? Not in Malaysia!

Peaceful protests are still happening around the state.

Even ordinary citizens without political parties affiliations are organising protests after being "insulted" by BN.

However, with the next GE about another 4 years away, will Malaysians remember this day?

Will the forgivable or should I say, Forgetful nation wakes up after more than 50 years of accepting candies from the ruling party?

Najib who will soon be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, will he be a better PM? From the way things are going now, he is set to be the most cunning one ever.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Half of Boiling Point

Today, Melbourne nearly reach half of the boiling point temperature for water. Broken its' all time record for the hottest day ever!

With mercury topping 46.4 celsius, it's not a fluke! Plus, the strong winds about it made things a whole lot miserable!

I tried to feel the temperature by stepping out of my A/C office, man I feel like in an oven! A sauna can't really match it! You can smell the burning smell as well probably due to the raging bush fires.
The city hit 46.4 degrees at 3.04pm - the hottest day since the Bureau of Meteorology started keeping records 150 years ago.
The previous record was 45.6, set on January 13, 1939 - a day otherwise known as Black Friday.

Other top temperatures around the state include 47.6 at Hopetoun airport (2.30pm), 47.1 at Geelong airport (2.40pm), 46.8 at Laverton (2.41pm), 46.4 at Longerenong in the Wimmera (2.30pm), 46 at Mildura (2.35pm) and 46.3 at Swan Hill (2.30pm).
Unbelievably HOT!

However, the hottest recorded temperature ever in Victoria is 50.7 Celsius in Mildura recorded in 1906.

Thank God, cool change has come! It's still over 29 celsius now but it's better than over 46 celsius!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cute Dr Mahathir

Source: Chedet
Dated: 6/2/09

1. Sandiwara di Perak masih menggelikan hati. Ada lompat keluar kandang, ada lompat masuk kandang.

2. Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan sudah bertitah.

3. Tetapi Menteri Besar Pakatan tidak hendak berhenti jadi MB. Pejabatnya sudah dikosongkan oleh Polis.

4. Apakah Polis akan usung MB dan campak dia keluar? Tentu tidak kerana tiada peruntukan undang-undang yang mengizinkannya.

5. Pakatan boleh adakan Kerajaan minoriti. Demokrasi mengizinkan.

6. Tetapi kerajaan minoriti lemah. Dia boleh ditumbang dengan undi tidak percaya oleh majoriti ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, kalau Dewan bersidang. Mungkin Pakatan tak mahu ada persidangan.

7. Siapakah yang berhak mengadakan persidangan? Bolehkah puak majoriti paksa Kerajaan minoriti adakan persidangan khas untuk undi tak percaya?

8. Jika tidak dapat paksa Kerajaan minoriti mengadakan persidangan mereka boleh ambil bermacam-macam tindakan untuk merosakkan negeri Perak. Apakah yang boleh dibuat kepada kerajaan minoriti jika ia kekalkan dirinya dan terus merosakkan negeri? Keadaan seperti ini masih kelabu; tak ada peruntukan undang-undang setakat yang saya tahu.

9. Mungkin pegawai tidak akan patuh kepada kerajaan minoriti ini. Tetapi pegawai profesional perlu akur akan perintah Kerajaan yang halal.

10. Kita hanya boleh pandang dan lihat sandiwara yang sedang berterusan. Anwar akan dapat banyak pengajaran daripada sandiwara ini kerana dialah yang beria-ia sangat untuk ada lompat katak yang terbesar pada September 16. Oh! Silap, September 24. Oh! Silap lagi.

11. Amat menggelikan hati mendengar telatah Anwar berkenaan Nasarudin Hashim (ADUN Bota) masuk PKR dan keluar daripada PKR.

12. Lompat masuk (perangkap) boleh tapi lompat keluar tak sah!! He, he, he!

Let me do a simple translation for those who can't understand Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language).

1. Drama in Perak is still very humorous. Some jump out, some jump into the pen.

2. The Sultan has spoken.

3. However, the Chief Ministers refused to quit. His office has been "emptied" by the police today.

4. Will the police evict the Chief Minister and drive him out of the office? Of course not, because there're no legal ways around it.

5. PR can formed a minority government. Democratic rules permits that.

6. But the minority government is weak. It can be topple down by the "vote of no confident" during any state assembly. It's unlikely that the PR will call for any state assembly meetings now.

7. Who then can call for the extraordinary meeting? Can the majority opposition force the minority government to have the extraordinary meeting for a vote of no confidence?

8. If they can't force an assembly, the minority government can take reckless actions to destroy the state. What can we do about this situation if they refused to quit? This is a chaotic situation, however, there're no rules to tackle this issue as far as I know.

9. Maybe some officers will not obey the orders of the minority goverment but the professional officers have to obey to the rightful and legal goverment.

10. We can only continue to watch as this drama unfolds. Anwar will gain the most from this epic as it was him that was crazy for the biggest "frog jumping" events to take place on 16th Sept. Oh, wrong, it's the 24th Sept. Oh! Wrong again!

11. It's so funny to watch Anwar's reponse towards Nasarudin Hashim (ADUN Bota) in and out of the PKR party.

12. Jumping in (trap) can but jumping out is not valid!! He He He!

Micasa8 Update II

Good news, the laundry is up and running now though some fittings aren't completed in the laundry. Nonetheless, good news for the residents as they can now wash and dry their clothes!

The costs is $4.00 per wash and $3.00 for drying. The washing costs is slightly higher than I'd expected but because they put a larger and heavy duty washing machine in there, can't blame them.

Most of the apartments are done as well with a few remaining to be completed.

Have received plenty of good feedback of the building even though it's still in completing stages! Can't wait for the building to be fully completed.

Some comments include:
I feel like staying in a hotel

I haven't stayed in a place where I really felt like home in Melbourne

Very nice & special

Like it very much

By the way, I'm hoping for the Government to give out the $950 cash for us. With that, I can buy a nice lens and take nicer photos of the building!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Fall of Perak

Today Malaysia's politic has a new chapter into its' already humorous book. When every leaders around the globe worrying about how the global recession might affect their countries and people, our leaders are still busying playing "frog".

Najib and gang are busy getting the frogs to jump to their side of the fence while leaders of PR trying unsuccessfully to stop the frogs from jumping there. One of the reasons for jumping according to The Star newspaper was because she was not given an Exco position and also not given a.....Toyota Camry!!
She's the person shaking hands with Najib~!

Can you believe it?! A toyota camry, a car we wouldn't even dream of having here in Melbourne. Terrible frogs!

On Friday 3pm, the new Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) will be sworn in. So PR lost the state of Perak!

The word "defection" or "frogs" are not something very new in Malaysia's politics but this time it's a desperate act by BN to gain control back of Perak. However, the question is, is this the wise move to gain control??

Personally, I don't think so. This will hurt BN more in the long run, creating more hatred towards BN by the voters, whom will remember this and vote them out in the next general elections.

PR tasting their own "defections" medicine now. However, I'm glad that we didn't have the major exodus like what Anwar has claimed. If that happens, PR reputation would just go down the drain.

PR should accept defeat and continue to work harder towards the next general election. From the looks of things, they can benefit from BN's wrong move this time and capitalised it in the next GE.

Hopefully, our leaders in the country can focus on the people more than those greedy for power...sigh

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RBA cuts 100pts

Seems I'm wrong, RBA cut 100pts instead of 75pts. So Aus economy is really in quite a big trouble.

The Reserve Bank has again slashed rates, cutting its key rate by another 100 basis points to a record low 3.25%.

Today's cut will save a home buyer with a typical 30-year, $300,000 loan about $170 in monthly repayments if the lender passes on the full amount. Over the life of the loan, the savings will total about $61,272. More

Not only that, today the Government announces that low-mid income earners like us will be getting a bonus payment!

The $12.7 billion cash payments will include one-off bonus payments of $950 each for low- and middle-income households and individuals through five bonuses to be paid in the next few weeks through either the Australian Tax Office or Centrelink.

It means 8.7 million workers earning $100,000 or less will receive a lump sum payment of $950 each from April. More

$950.00...not bad. Time to get myself a new SLR Lens or PS2? hmm... I think a lens would be a better investment!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How Much Rain In January?

For Melbournians, this is a simple yet a hard to guess question!

Thinking back in January, which already ended! Thank God! I can't recall whether there were any rain or not? We might have 1 or 2 but that's about it.

So, how much rain did we get?

MELBOURNE has had its second driest January on record, followed closely by Adelaide and Sydney. All three capitals sweltered in above average temperatures.

A mere one millimetre of rain fell in both Melbourne and Adelaide during January.

"January is not typically one of the wettest months across Victoria, however, in most years we can expect some rainfall in the form of showers and storms and the odd infeed of tropical moisture,'' Weatherzone meteorologist Matt Pearce said.

''This year neither system was present and the state barely picked up any rainfall as a result.'' More
There you go, we almost had 0 but at least we got 1mm, which is better than nothing! Good news is February is expected to be wetter than average.

Having said that, I wonder why all the grasses in my Hoppers Crossing house hasn't died out yet! Sigh! Tough little buggah!