Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Filter First

AGAIN, another blooper from BN's man. This time, Datuk Wira Ahmad Hamzah (Jasin-BN) who said the following:
Before the Auditor-General’s (AG) annual report is made public, the Government should filter it so that the country is not embarrassed by it.

“I support the AG’s report but what has happened now is that it gives a very bad impression and it is meloyakan (nauseating).

“If possible, the Government should filter the report before making it a public document,” he said on Tuesday during the Budget 2010 debate in Parliament
I guess he really doesn't understand what it means to be auditted or the audit process.

Instead of looking on how to improve and be honest about themselves, he wants the report to be "filtered". Alamak~!

Who would want to see a filtered audited report, especially being filtered by the person being audited? Doesn't make sense!

Be bold enough to accept your shortcomings and improve on it! Don't be a sissy! If you know what your Govt is doing is bringing shame to the country, GOOD!


MACC, you can spend the next few years studying the report and investigate! Don't just try to cover up on Teoh's case and bully PR members.

Monday, October 26, 2009

MiCasa8 - Better Than Expected

As we near the end of the academic year, this normally means things are just going to get busier for us SHA! This year we sort of started earlier than previous years in doing what we normally would do, which is good news for those who are wanting to apply for SHA buildings.

Just a short update for all those people who are still interested and actively looking for MiCasa8's availability.

At the moment, I only have 7 apartments for rent for 2010. Yes, only 7!

The good news is, about another 100 or so students haven't confirmed their intention of vacating or renewing.

Phewww...? Not quite!!

I've just roughly checked through the figures, the numbers of renewing tenants outnumbered the number of vacating tenants by about 6:4.

So that means, roughly only another 40-50 apartments will become available for 2010.

Another bad news, I've tons of applications on my desk at the moment. Probably 80 or so?

You must be asking, "do I stand a chance? Is there a way to 'jump' the queue?".

Well, yes if your budget is over $300pw and No otherwise.

So good luck people! Be quick to secure it before it's all gone! Normally 2nd year building is the best! Not when it's brand new! :)

My advice to you all: when you apply, clearly state your budget!

Monday, October 19, 2009

MCA, Now MIC & Maybe CLMC?

Over the span for the past few weeks, we have witnessed a string of (by) elections & voting processes going on around us. It seems that everyone just loves the democratic process these days.

Recently it was the MCA Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) orchestrated by the sacked deputy president to try to bring down the president and climb back unto the ladder. Though he only barely "succeeded", at least he tore MCA into 2 parties now. Insiders are reporting a possible 3rd party in the leadership crisis too.

Now, the MIC also wants to bring down their president. Well, they versed it to sound more noble, to save MIC. Whatever the outcome is, one thing is for sure; There'll be even bigger divisions within MIC.

On the coming Sunday, CLMC will also have their annual Local Conference election for the stewards positions for next year. Instead of having the usual "fat heads" structures at the top, this year they have successfully reduced the number from about 16 to 9. 

Anyway will the election process have the same effects as MCA & MIC? Definitely not.

Why? Because we are not capable of pulling such feat yet! We're still young & naive. So will the voting process runs smoothly? Yes & No.

Yes, because everyone will vote very quickly and all seems efficiently handled.

No, because of our "naivety", most of us are irrational voters. So to know what irrational voters do, please read my previous March posting in my blog.

However, sometimes we need to compare our passion for the church to those members of MCA & MIC. At least they really want to do something for their respective parties, though some are for their selfish ambitions, especially those over zealous ones.

The honest question we need to ask ourselves is, do you love your church?

If yes, it's not too late to show it by voting rationally this coming Sunday, 25/10/09.

If not, I'd recommend you not to show up or even forfeit your membership. It's better to wash your hands off any blood that you may draw so you may still be innocent. Having said that, I hope you'd make a wiser decision instead of choosing this path.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Najib's Powerful Words

“I want to tell you that a lot of things don’t require monetary allocations. For example, changing from being lazy to become more hardworking,” said Najib.

Very brave in admitting their party are full of lazy bums, especially those benefited from the Govt's financial aids and special priviledges.

Not only the top level leadership needs to be more hardworking but the grassroot members!Can UMNO do it after their reform? It's still too early to tell but at least it's a sign forward.

Let's see how much followup works wil be done regarding this, not followup words.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Win - Win & Lose - Lose

Most successful businessmen would always want to achieve a win-win situation.
Most ordinary businessmen would always want to achieve a win-lose situation.
Most immature businessmen would always want try to achieve a win-lose situation but in actual fact, it's a lose-lose situation.

The same principle apply to politics and if we apply it to the news report below:
KUALA LUMPUR: Federal aid to the governments of opposition-ruled states should be reduced and be channelled directly to the people there, Selangor delegate Abdul Shukur Idrus said.

He said this was because opposition parties were getting mileage out of the socio-economic programmes in these states.

Abdul Shukur said the Pakatan Rakyat-ruled Selangor government gave RM1,000 to finance funeral arrangements to the people in the state while Umno provided RM300.

“The state government also provided RM1,500 to the elderly. The people in the state are talking about the opposition government giving aid to the people.

“Little do the people know that what the opposition government is giving comes from the Barisan Nasional Federal government,” he claimed when debating the president’s policy speech at the Umno General Assembly here on Friday.

Abdul Shukur said the Federal Government should reduce payments to the opposition state governments so that the people there could see which party provided greater assistance.More on The Star

Let's see what can we get:

Federal Govt gives to State Govt who then gives to the Rakyat (people). All good so it's definitely a win-win situation where everyone is happy. At least it shows the Federal Govt is fair, the State Govt is doing its' job in helping the needy and the Rakyat is taken care of.

Federal Govt stop giving to State Govt who then has to reduce aids for the Rakyat. The biggest loser is the Rakyat, State Govt cries foul & unfairness by Federal Govt. So the winner is actually State Govt while Federal Govt thinks they won but they've actually lost!

Federal Govt bypassing State Govt and go to the Rakyat directly. With all the incompetency & corruption practices by the previous BN State Govt, it's a lost cause anyway. So, it'll be a definite lose-lose situation to all parties.

That guy in UMNO is short sighted and a poor strategist. All he cares about is the credit and praises for the "good" works he has or trying to do. Exposing his immaturity to the public. Shame on him.

Instead of encouraging other BN states to do the same or better than the PR states, he wants to see those luckier Rakyat to suffer drawbacks in their lives. All for the sake of "credits".

I'm sure there're more funds allocated to the BN States, so the question is, what happened to the funds allocated to help the Rakyat? How are they using the funds?

Dear voters, please open your eyes and to see who you're voting for. Don't vote blindly!!

It's your future at stake!!

Las Vegas - Victorian version

In another act out of desperations, the Victorian Govt has again breached the trusts of fellow Victorians.
Premier John Brumby has opened the door for a second casino in Victoria - just five months after the Government ruled out such a move.
In May Gaming Minister Tony Robinson told ABC Radio that the Government had no intention of allowing a second casino. ''It is not the Government's policy to have a second casino in Victoria,'' he said. ''We have a set policy on that.''
But yesterday Mr Brumby signalled a big shift in Government policy on a second casino following a proposal for a new casino complex in Mildura. More on The Age
Definitely, a new casino would create heaps of jobs and investments, which in turn will also boost tourism to Mildura and stimulate the local business.

Similarly, Las Vegas was just a piece of deserted land where birds won't even lay eggs before the building boom. We cannot deny the facts that Casino can bring in "prosperity" and developments but the question is, at what price?

Sin City is one of the famous nicknames for Las Vegas due to the acceptance of "adult entertainment". Whom but those sinners themselves would want their city to be labeled as Sin City? A place where people defiled themselves, breaking the moral standard to the lowest ever, and have no respect for the Greater Authority.

Will Victoria has its' own Sin City in the future soon? Are we going to sacrifice an innocent City for the sake of money? It's game of Money vs Moral and it's very obvious that Mr Moral doesn't stand a chance in hell against Ms Money.

Do they REALLY care about our next generation well being? They might have jobs but they'll be morally corrupted. What good will it be then? We're just encouraging a future full of individualistic and selfish greed minded people to emerge on a path of no return.

Ethically, the casino should not be built or any casino for that fact. The moral price is just too high to be beared by future Victorians.

A city that neglect God will be doomed. We need to do our part in preventing this from happening!!

There're a lot more better ways to earn money! Stop defiling ourselves!

God have mercy upon us!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When I was in my teens, I was flooded with the ideology of paving a better road for our next generation (為下一代). As I have grown out of my teenage years, I'm no longer very convinced with this ideology.

After a decade of observing my surroundings, my peers, my friends, my neighbours, and my community, I can only conclude that the ideology has bring more harm than good.

The ideology sort of started in the days where the Chinese are ruled by corrupted governments who would just suck every bit of money the peasants have at that time. So naturally, most Chinese are very poor and struggle to make ends meet. 

Hence came the ideas of "I've suffered enough! I don't wish to see my next generation suffers the same fate!". After that turning point, the Chinese are probably the most hardworking people in the world. Though they may not earn a lot but they work a whole lot more than others to save up savings for their kids to go to college, etc.

Gone are the days of reckoning, it should be a bright sunny day ahead! However, is it really so? Or the skies just turn gloomier & darker?

Just look around us. How lucky are those kids today? How pampered are the those kids today? How protected are those kids today? How terrible are those kids today?!

Parents have become slaves to their kids' demand. Filial piety is no longer a virtue but an added value for the parents if they "invested" right. Parents have become the genie, children is the Aladdin.

Many younger generations these days do not know how to be "a person". Their individualistic mindset together with the improper teachings from their parents have created a generations of useless spoilt brats.

Sadly, most Christians younger kids are not any better off too. Most of the Chinese parents mindset for the next generation is still very active in their mind. They don't care about the consequences or maybe I should say don't dare to accept the fact of reality of what they have transformed their children into.

I'm calling all young parents today to instill proper teachings to your kids in the early ages in order to restore order in the community. As it's written in the Book Of Proverbs:
Chapter 30: 
8 Keep falsehood and lies far from me;
       give me neither poverty nor riches,
       but give me only my daily bread.

 9 Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you
       and say, 'Who is the LORD ?'
       Or I may become poor and steal,
       and so dishonor the name of my God.

Let this be the guideline for everyone of us when deciding on how to help our next generations. We can start from ourselves before the situation becomes even worse than it already is.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who Cares About Debts When We Have International Students?

Source: Herald Sun
Dated: 7/10/09

INTERNATIONAL students are the key to paying off Australia's debt and caring for its ageing population, a leading demographer says.

Bernard Salt says the country should be embracing international students and encouraging them to stay on after they finish their degrees.

Only 20,000 of the 400,000 international students who are educated in Australia every year migrate here, he said. But that number needs to increase in order to counteract the growing number of baby boomers leaving the workforce and paying less tax.

"We are not likely to raise the tax rate substantially," Mr Salt said.

"So this means we need more people who can pay taxes, and they can only come from overseas."

A student migration program would not only help Australia pay off its massive debt incurred as a result of the global economic downturn but would also ensure a steady stream of skilled migrants.

"International students represent an outstanding source of skilled migrants - they're young, educated and keen to become Australians," Mr Salt said.

The reputation of Australia's $15.5 billion international education industry was damaged earlier this year following a series of attacks on Indian students in Melbourne.

An independent review of the sector is being carried out by former federal Liberal MP Bruce Baird.

Mr Salt, who will deliver his message to the Australian International Education Conference in Sydney next week, said the nation needed to lift its game if it was to compete in the highly competitive international student market.


At least they're smart in getting the money in elsewhere rather than keep getting out of their own people!

We should learn!