Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bu Pyeong Methodist Church - Part V onwards

Wow, schedule was getting busier and I am getting tired a lot more. Couldn't cope with the pace of blogging each time. Needed more time to rest otherwise, will feel sleepy each time.

Anyway, just to summarise. the Sunday Service was excellent! They don't have singspiration but the hymns were wonderful! Imagine few thousands people singing their heart out! So touching! Korean songs sounded so nice as well! The message was very good as well by the Senior Pastor, Rev Hung. It was about the Fire of the Holy Spirit. How have we neglected it in the past, it's time to seek it back.

Our CMCA has been too conservative until we have neglected Holy Spirit's works. We don't know what truly are spiritual gifts, touched by the Holy Spirit, etc. We must now look back into our gospel & theology, then refine our theology to get more understanding of the Holy Spirit. It's not that what we knew previously was wrong, it's just that we have forgotten some.

We also had friendly badminton games with the church people! Malaysia won the 2 games by the way. He He!!

Then on Monday, we had 2 very strong message. One is a lecture, the other is a testimony by the Senior Pastor's wife.

The message is about the Truth, Goodness & Beauty (power) of Christianity. It's too long to even summarised it here as I don't want to miss out any important points. I'll ask for the research paper by Rev Dr John Lee for us to see. In very simple words, it's about Christianity must be united to be strong again (like how Koreans have done it). We need the truth (emphasis on reasoning - Mainly Orthodox churches), Goodness (do what we preached - Mainly Evangelical churches) and Beauty (God's power & sovereignty - Mostly Charismatic Pentecostal churches) to combine together. Without the unity, the churches are separated~! That's what Satan wished for! Each church to focus on 1 of the 3 strengths only. Then criticises each other, no unity. How have we failed in this area! We need to look into this matter urgently!! Hoping Bishop will take the lead to correct this theological error.

By the way, I did get to speak to Bishop but not in full yet. Looking for a 2nd time but schedule is so busy. By the time we finish, both of us are really exhausted already. I dare not to ask for a time slot from him.

For all CMCA churches, we really need to wake up and pick up the baton to run the race. Stop sleeping or in state of denial! WAKE UP

We'll see how it goes! Back to 5am prayer tomorrow.

Music Performance By Bu Pyeong Church

A special mini concert dedicated to us. Very special and talented people! Praise God!!

Violin Performance

Kids With Bells

Elder Kids

Will upload more when it's done.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bu Pyeong Methodist Church - Dawn Prayer Meeting

Most of you guys wouldn't have seen how the prayer meeting was run. So I videoed a clip for you guys to see. Short one.

It normally lasts for 30-45 minutes when they started praying. Some of us prayed until the end of the session, some finish much quicker as they are still not used to it.

From http://mengleiwong.blogspot.com, She recorded longer version than me.

As we can see, they are really committed & prays really hard. Not too charismatic!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bu Pyeong Methodist Church - Part III & IV

We went to Seoul on Friday but didn't go to visit too many places. We joined a church tour so mainly we visited church buildings. Of course we do visit some places of attractions. We went to the 63 tower, Deoksu Gung, etc.

The palace is so small so wasn't too impressed. The only good thing is its' strategic location right in the middle of Seoul. We can only watch from the outside of the palace buildings. Yuen Li did get to wear the traditional dress, HanBok. Pretty? Haha!

After that, we went to Chung Dong Methodist Church, the first Methodist church in Korea. It has about 120 years history. Also can witness their love & commitment to God! Simply amazing. They have built a new building as well as their number grows in a fast pace!

Finally, during the night time, we joined a small group. The group is quite small, just 6 people but all are elders or LCEC members. The way they run the small group is very similar to ours, except no games or ice breaking because they are old or very close already. Their hospitality is really number 1. The wife made some traditional cakes for us to taste. Very nice!

Looking forward for the next 5am dawn prayer meeting!

Part IV
Yuen Li's birthday today (27th Sept), too bad i didn't prepare anything as I'm not familiar with Bu Pyeong area. Promised to make it up to her when we get back to Melbourne. Anyway, started with 5am prayer meeting again, the moment I've been waiting for. I so enjoyed the session, I'm looking forward for more! This time one of the main thing I prayed for was confirmation from God.

As some of you know one of my tasks was to speak to Bishop regarding the matters of the church, I was quite reluctant when I see him. Don't know why, just seems discouraged to speak to him. Had a feeling it would be the same anyway, not going to make a difference. However, from the things I've learned in these few days, I know I need to depend on prayer, and only on prayer alone things will work out especially spiritual battle.

I asked God, whether i should approach Bishop? Am I over reacting? Am I doing the wrong thing to do so? I was confused. So in the dawn prayer meeting, I prayed, "God, if it's your will for me to speak to bishop about this matter & show that I'm not doing things selfishly or for own goodness sake, please show me the sign. If it's your will, please have bishop inviting for the conversation instead of me initiating. That way I'll know Your will for me and may it be done."

On that day itself, during dinner, Bishop approached me and asked if I want to talk about it. I was shocked but very happy. How much more clearer can you be?? It was so direct, the exact answer that I wanted from God. Hallejuyah! God really listen to prayers! Felt so happy that night.

So right now, we are just waiting for a time that suits both of us before we sit down & talk heart-to-heart.

During this day, we also heard of wonderful testimony from a CFO of Incheon Metropolitan city. How God has revealed himself to him & used him. Very good testimony.

See anything funny in this photo?
It was taken on our visit to the Korean War Museum.

During the night time, we had the opportunity to join their Youth Service and also the fellowship. The program they had that night is Cooking Competition named Dae Jang Geum! Their cooking is OK lah, not too special. :P However, most of these kids never cooked before, so it's a lot better compared to us already!

It's not easy to organise the cooking competition. Their members are over 250 for that night. They divided them into 12 groups of about 20 each. For more photos, refer to my facebook!

Looking forward for the next prayer session.

Will finally get to see a church of thousands gather together to worship God! It should be a wonderful experience!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bu Pyeong Methodist Church - Part III A

Woke up at 4.30am this morning, then took shower. Get myself ready for my first time ever prayer at 5am! Very excited! Has been so ever since I knew about it. Guess I'm quite a prayer freak!

The prayer meeting started with praise & worship followed by a message by their senior pastor. He was preaching about seeking forgiveness, not by ourselves but through God. Psalm 51 was chosen. Very good message. Short, direct, good examples and interesting. Nothing compared to what we usually have on our usual gatherings. The people are very responsive as well, shouting hallelujah, amen, etc.

When the prayer started, I was expecting something very charismatic due to the "warning" given to us by the Senior Pastor last night. How wrong was I. It was nothing charismatic, at least to me.

Instead you can feel the presence of God in the large hall. Before we even started praying, I can sense it. It gives me fear and sense of respect & submission. Initially, I was quite scared to pray because the feeling seems so close & intimate. Nothing like I ever felt before. I had many touching moments in my prayer life before, today was no where near it. It was beyond comprehension!

At least, I decided to pray together with the thousands and thousands of bro & sis in the hall. When I prayed, I felt God is working inside me. I tried to hold my tears, but without realising, tears drop from my eyes. I thought the roof was leaking because I normally hold my tears very well as I haven't cried for more than 10 years or so. I couldn't believe tears actually came out of my eyes, my nose running. What a moment! I forgotten that I have tissues with me, I tried to clean my tears and nose with my hands :P. Then I realised I actually had it, lucky. I used 4 ply of tissues to dry everything up. You can imagine how much tears I dropped there.

The more I prayed, the heavier the sense of conviction in me. I was praying for myself, my family, my wife, our church, our Rev Loi & family, our LCEC, our Sunday school, our church members, our mission works, our pastoral field (Melbourne City), our weekly Friday prayer gathering among friends, pray for more co-workers, praying for unity, etc etc. All prayer items just come running through my minds, the more I felt i needed to pray. I think I prayed for about 30-45 minutes with tears coming down.

It felt so good, it's really a pity that none of our church members are able to come & experience this except Yuen Li, Ervina & her mum. Where's our church co-workers? Our leaders? It can truly help our church to revive itself! We desperately need it!

Urging more & more people to join the prayer meeting or Friday gatherings, whichever you are comfortable with.

Going for breakfast now, then going to Seoul. More to come!

Bu Pyeong Methodist Church - Part II

Yesterday was quite tiring however, we ended on high note! The short message from the Senior Pastor was simple yet quite motivating. He spoke briefly about the history of Korea & Christianity in Korea (some part may deemed to be racists by someone who couldn't catch his jokes well :P). He doesn't speak Chinese, so have a translator. By the way he talks, you can imagine his talk or message will be a very interesting one!

After having lunch with the rest of the 26 crews of the CMCA, we went for a walk ourselves. We went to Bupyeong Underground Market. It was about 2Km long in few directions. Though the shops inside looks very similar to Sarawak older plaza shops. Lots of mini lots in the long stretch. The stuffs are quite cheap. Mostly averages around AUD5-15 only! Those are women clothings & accessories. The phones look quite nice too, just not sure if it's usable elsewhere. I forgot to take photos, blinded by the goods there. :P Have a look at what others have taken.

Then we had the building tour of the church buildings. Simply AMAZING! We expected it to be a big church but no way as big as it is! The building is about 5 years old. Previously it was a site of a school. The church seats about 3600 inside the main hall. Other halls & rooms normally fits about 200-700. It has 2 levels of basement carparks for 600 cars as well. The location is ideally situation to Bus routes & Bupyeong station as well for those public transport users. If not mistaken, there're 12 pastors including interns. Volunteers/people who serves each week in excess of 300. Youth/young adults about 600 in memberships however constant attendants is about 300. Has over 100 small groups. By the way, their church building is very eco-friendly as well!

Enjoy some of the photos. All other photos will be available in my facebook photo album.

Main Lobby

Main Reception Hall

Pastor & workers office

Senior Pastor Office w/e Ensuite & prayer room :D

Main Hall w/ Lift!

PA & Multimedia control room

Printing room

Many more rooms & offices

Buffet dinner (only about AUD 15). The food are delicous! I think we are going to gain more weight here.