Friday, September 24, 2010

MiCasa Pricing asof 24/9/10

Things are still going on the fast lane! So be quick! There'll be more apartments released to the market be on the watch out for it!

Available units:
317 available on 21/2/11 @ $290pw – West Facing
804 available on 23/12/10 @ $320pw – North Facing
908 available on 22/11/10 @ $315pw – South Facing - Corner Unit – Rent will be $325pw from 7/2/11
915 available on 8/11/10 @ $325pw – South Facing - Corner Unit
918 available on 14/2/11 @ $325pw – North Facing - Corner Unit
1206 available on 31/1/11 @ $335pw – North Facing – Corner Unit
1209 available on 23/12/10 @ $335pw – South Facing
1211 available on 3/12/10 @ $335pw – South Facing 
1214 available on 3/12/10 @ $335pw – South Facing

Thursday, September 9, 2010

MiCasa Pricing as of 9/9/10

Available units:
206 available on 21/11/10 @ $265pw – North Facing – Rent will be $280pw from 21/2/11
503 available on 12/1/11 @ $300pw – North Facing
702 available on 17/1/11 @ $310pw – North Facing
703 available on 17/1/11 @ $310pw – North Facing
711 available on 13/11/10 @ $305pw – South Facing
908 available 22/11/10 @ $315pw – South Facing - Corner Unit – Rent will be $325pw from 7/2/11
915 available on 14/2/11 @ $325pw – South Facing - Corner Unit
1118 available on 7/2/11 @ $335pw – North Facing - Corner Unit
1202 available NOW @ $330pw – North Facing – Lease ends on 24/1/11 with options to renew
1208 available on 31/1/11 @ $335pw – South Facing – Corner Unit
1209 available on 23/12/10 @ $335pw – South Facing
1211 available on 3/12/10 @ $335pw – South Facing 
1218 available on 30/9/10 @ $340pw – North Facing – Corner Unit – Rent will be $345pw from 24/1/11

As you can see, very limited!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MiCasa 2011 & International Students

Now that election's uncertainty is over, we're clear of one thing: the international students market will be downsized whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Over the past few months, we have read news such as
AUSTRALIA has the highest proportion of international students enrolled in its tertiary institutions in the world, according to an international study.
It was also more reliant on students to pick up the bill for tertiary education than most other developed countries.
most other countries had been investing heavily in tertiary education while in Australia investment dropped from 1.6 per cent of gross domestic product in 1995 to 1.5 per cent in 2007.
He said Victoria - where international education is the biggest export industry, worth about $4.5 billion a year - had the most to lose.
For the first time, we're noticing significant downturns
The sector warned that the migration debate was further hurting Australia's attractiveness to students. "The received message in other countries -- among students, parents and others -- is that Australia doesn't value international students," the Go8 said.
Let's not forget the impact of Global Financial Crisis (GFC) last year or so. Normally we'll feel the impact 2-3 years later like how we did during 1997. The impact was obvious during 1999 and 2000 where the international students intake was low.

So, what's it gotta do with MiCasa8 (131 Pelham Street, Carlton VIC)? Lots of things! The whole building is probably 97% international students!!

This year (2010) we managed to achieve better than expected as we started earlier and before GFC is even famous! However, along the way, sadly, I have few tenants who had to leave the place as GFC has taken a toll of their financial situations.

For 2011, we have started accepting and processing applications. The responses are still coming in very quick and most apartments under $320pw are snatched up right after they have become available!

The quota for June 2011 leases has been filled all by renewals of existing tenants. So things are still "OK" for the moment.

An advice for all international students who are coming to Melbourne and wanting to stay in MiCasa8 is to start applying early!

Now, some of you might be wondering why the bad news earlier then asking us to apply earlier? Doesn't make sense! 

Well, my message is, the cheaper apartment ($320pw) and below will be gone very quickly! So if budget is your concern, start earlier otherwise, don't be too worry!! :)