Thursday, January 20, 2011

Badminton in Western Suburb, Victoria

On hold until further notice - 8/2/11
This is due to technical issues in getting the courts.

I've booked in regular session for badminton on Thursday nights starting 3rd 10th Feb 2011.
The session will be 8-10pm.

The skills level I don't really know yet, but expecting D grade and maybe some low C. It's mainly for social, so come have a hit & some laughter along the way! Don't mind competitive players as we're always looking to improve!

Please post a reply if you can come so I know how many people to expect. Ideally we have 16 24 people so we can keep it at $7pp. We'll try to keep it under 18 28 people for everyone to have a fair chance to play. There're 4 courts there!

We'll keep it at $7per person for now and adjust in the future if necessary!

Thursdays @ 8-10pm
Address: Federation Boulevard, Truganina (Truganina South Primary School)


HBK said...

Just realised it's going to Chinese New Year on 3/2/11 so we'll postpone our 1st session to 10/2/11.

By the way, there're 4 courts there! I just went and have a look we could have as much as 24 people and still get a good playing time!

NIce floors, high ceiling with good lights.

Can't wait to get started! But CNY is more important for badminton players (most are of Chinese ethnic group)

Ishtiaq Ahmed said...

I know this is a very very old post, but I want to know if you are still alive and playing badminton at Truganina South Primary School?